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GREEN ENERGY FUND 1542  TZEDAKAH TRUST aka  صدقة‎‎ (Arabic) --  Humanitarian Social Responsibility Program for communities where we install GEF power plants.

Tzedakah is an offering to humanitarian or 'God's will' purposes of financial nature to be used to relieve the burdens of the poor, the needy (elderly and defenseless), and those in bondage.  Tzedakah, צדקה, is a word commonly and mistakenly translated as charity, but it is so much more.

TZEDAKAH is constructed from the root word צדק   Tzedek, meaning righteousness plus the letter ה (Hei) which is a very sacred letter in the Hebrew and bible teachings as we learn that Abram became ‘Father Abraham and Sarai became Sariah.

The accepted term is ‘giving Tzedakah' but it is better defined as ‘acting in Tzedakah' because there is a spiritual action where you join your will with God's will' in co-creation of goodness and lovingkindness that is a fruit that nourishes and saves souls from further suffering as a result of properly consecrating our offerings in Tzedakah.  The number 1542 has a numeric significance of holy annointing which unites Elohim with Jehovah, bring heaven (God's will) on earth.

Tzedakah [tsedaˈka] or Ṣ'daqah [sˤəðaːˈqaː] in Classical Hebrew (Hebrew: צדקה‎‎; Arabic: صدقة‎‎), is a Hebrew word literally meaning justice or righteousness, also wrongfully translated to signify charity, though it is a different concept from charity because tzedakah is an obligation and charity is typically understood as a voluntary or spontaneous act of goodwill and a marker of generosity. It is based on the Hebrew word (צדק, Tzedek) meaning righteousness, fairness or justice, and it is related to the Hebrew word Tzadik meaning righteous as an adjective (or righteous individual as a noun in the form of a substantive).  By adding the 'h', where Tzedek may mean justice or judgement, Father Abraham converted judgement into mercy!

As an ever shrinking and interconnected Global Village GEF shall have a Corporate Responsibility Program called Electrum Tzedakah Energy Outreach Program (Tree of Life) for sustainability as part of our business vision and mission.  We intend to support LEADERSHIP where ethics, corporate social performance, global corporate citizenship, and stakeholder management are about integrity and sustainability.