Green Energy Fund (GEF) is passionate about delivering renewable, carbon free, base load green energy to the world and revolutionizing the way we create energy by utilizing electromagnetic technology. Each power plant will employ our data-center and local energy technicians to begin the global carbon free base load electricity revolution utilizing magnetic technology to transform the electricity industry. They are calling this revolution MAGNETOLUTION. Replacing negative carbon impact technologies by marketing, installing and managing the ‘first generation’ electromagnetic energy Hybrid Generator from the inventor/manufacturer, energy prototype located in Van Nuys, California.

The Intellectual property will be insured by 10 levels of insurance wraps and bank guantees under an investment grade infrastructure bond underwritten by Gibraltar Capital called a RevPac. We are developing a Revpac bond for our proprietary Tree of Life technology.​

ANET and Sterling have come together in a joint venture to market and sell, install and manage the ‘first generation’ electromagnetic energy in the JouleBox® Hybrid Generator for the inventor/manufacturer. The GEF will be selling Strategic alliance partnerships and Eco-Gen as the first product that is ready to go to market.  When that is proven then a second, third, and possibly fourth generation will be introduced to the same franchise alliance partners.  The Green Energy Fund is completely focused on clean, green, renewable energy.  

According to a recent Bloomberg Study, 70% of new global power capacity added thru 2030 will be renewable:   

The Green Energy Fund will be successful because we have built a core foundation on 4 pillars of strength:

1-Sound/proven state of the art renewable green energy solutions that use revolutionary magnets  to create energy...with 3 other unrelated and non-competing technologies that are coming online over the next 3 years.

2-Sound/proven banking relationships at the local banking level in the form of revpac annuity bonds for venture capital funding through a safe investment instrument administered through Gibraltar Capital, along with infrastructure backend project debt financing from EXIM Bank or Asia Development Bank.

3-Sound/proven concepts for worldwide marketing and sales called Strategic Alliance Partners or  Exclusive Master Franchise Agreements.

4-Sound/proven bankable power instruments called a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) that buy/sell power.  Our power plants will produce base load 24/7/365 for the next 20 years.


Eco-Gen: the new, carbon free/clean/green source of electricity generation system that is more reliable at the local level for on-site and distributed power system use for around the clock or base load of 24/7/365 days operational period. Notable test results from Intertek, the Gold Standard in International Testing, and from Nobel Peace

Prize recipient Dr Clark-- a champion for green energy solutions says that the world

Needs the joulebox technology invented by Paul Bonaventura and team. Only to be leased in power plant installations of 1 MW and up to  100 MW per location, this technology is recommended for national power plant generation. We plan to mobilize the Eco-Gen units to lower transmission grid losses, ie, “load shedding” problems and to provide cleaner more reliable carbon free electricity on a 24/7/365 day basis.  Our technology can significantly increase output based on the customizable scalability of the local substation power plant needs. Eco-Gen has PPA negotiations throughout the world with strong sales contracts in the  Philippines, Hong Kong (attached financing LOI with Exim bank), South Africa, South Korea , Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, and Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.


Export Import Bank (EXIM) : We have created a unique structure where debt financing can be used to enhance our equity investment requirements by utilizing trade finance structures with large infrastructure projects,  EXIM bank has an appetite for large infrastructure projects. We have signed LOI's for well over 1.06 billion dollars in low interest debt financing with no equity participation requirements or expensive fees from the lender.  Please see attached letters of interest from the United States Export Import Bank attachments.

Gibraltar Capital (GCAP)   : By using their proprietary revenue pac bond underwriting we can trust doing business with ‘startup’ technologies because Gibraltar knows how to structure and insure risk as industry leaders.  All of our underwriting services and payments will be made through Gibraltar. Funding the 50% of each  purchase order has a new level of guarantees including the supply chain manufacturing payment controls to our 3 technology partners.  

Paymaster escrow trust solutions:

GCAP will also act as the paymaster solution for all of the 20 year payments from the PPA contracts which will all be insured by Lloyds of London and the 9 other levels of insurance that are handled through Gibraltar Capital.  Please see attached tombstones on successful deals (GCAP attachments) that Gibraltar has closed in IPO syndication efforts including Google and Tesla.  

Patents wrapped with Bank Instruments:

Critical to the underwriting of the Green Energy Fund projects is the proper protection of the Intellectual Property (IP) and Patent protection.  with their revenue package investment bonds that are backed and wrapped by 10 different levels of insurance to ensure no risk of primary investment capital while these technologies come out of beta testing and into the commercial arena.   

Strategic Alliance Agreements

Alliance Partnerships:  The Green Fund  will sell exclusive franchises to market, finance, and help install GEF  systems for protected territories around the world.  The purpose for selling franchises is to partner with powerful entities in countries who will be able to:

Contribute immediate cash flow by purchasing the franchises to facilitate sales of the EcoGen systems into situations for immediate benefits, to secure regulatory and government approvals for the project to secure favorable long term (20 year) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)to help secure financing for the projects,to be the local presence as an investor and operator in the Special Purpose Entity (SPE) which manages the local systems,to secure the installation and protect the equipment and proprietary technologies.

Strategic Alliance Partners are local professionals who work with strong local and national corporations and influential families in the local markets we wish to introduce so that they can handle all of the local permits, government approval, patent protection, currency exchanges, and local language issues.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s): The 4th foundation level of the Strategic Green Energy Partners is the structure from Power Purchase Agreements.

20 Years: Selling electricity in mini power plants as close to existing substations and/or end users as possible through a 20 year power purchase agreement known as PPA contracts.These PPA’s are used as the financial structure for all long term sales of energy where it establishes collateralized financial relationships. PPA Lease hybrid packages are for 20 year contracts with large well know companies/ governments/utility companies etc.

PPA Contracts: PPA contracts will be negotiated with local Special Purpose Entities (SPE) or holding companies that will be owned by Green Energy (26%), Green Energy (26%), the local exclusive franchise partner (24%) and the manufacturer of the technology (24%).  Equity percentages may vary depending on equity and debt capital.  Margins are dependent upon the PPA price per kWh.

PPA Proof of Concept for Securitization:  PPA contracts can be rated after 5,000-8,000 operating hours (334 days @ 24/7).  SPE owners could potentially get a 5-10% ROI x 18 years in one lump sum.

Bankable PPA agreement template: for the franchise partners and rev pack funding groups who will collateralize the PPA with the following clauses:

3 Months advance cash payments based on Project net energy load capacity shall be deposited in trust with Gibraltar as the third party trustee and administrator of the payments. The 3 months advance may be a US Dollar/Euro denominated Direct Pay Letter of Credit/Demand Guarantee confirmed by an American Bank with no provision limiting transferability and payments made on the 'first call'. There can be no provisions indicating any contingencies that can interfere with, or prevent payment. Every monthly payments shall be cured, and immediately replenished within 30 days if not replenish within 30 days, the payment will be in default. Power supply termination may be implemented, if needed.
Cost of Living Adjustment (Cola) clause to protect against inflation.
Currency exchange loss protection clause.
One or more default remedies outlined may include:
Demand /UCC/Debenture Debt
Bank Guarantee/SBLC
First class, AAA rated  PPA Insurance wrap around including Payments, Performance, Political risk and sovereign guarantees.
Accounts Receivable Insurance.
Barter Trade deal using other forms for ‘Default Guarantees’ which may include precious stones, commodities, copper, oil etc.

This management team has helped make such world famous companies as Verizon, Whole Foods, Ikea and Walmart into clean energy companies. Whole Foods, America’s biggest natural foods company, saved more than 30% on their energy costs in New Jersey and in the process became one of America’s greenest companies.

Recently retired top level project manager for Space Command, responsible for requirements definition, contracting, contract management and completion of all ground facilities and assets, including roads, runways, living facilities, satellite uplinks-downlinks, communications and computing facilities.

Attorney and former worldwide Sr. VP of Compliance for Bank of America, who is an expert in all aspects of international and legal financial organization and transactions.  

US and international tax director who was also the past president of the Bay Area Tax Directors association (Silicon Valley).  Setup and manages international financial operations for multi-billion dollar companies.

Company that specializes in utility analysis and billing, who provides all levels of services from software licensing to managing utility accounting for power distributors, dealers and private corporations.

Exclusive agreement with Eco-Gen for implementing cutting edge technology systems that generate clean green electrical power for 10 countries.

Network Innovations that provides satellite communications capability and custom systems for companies and governments, including US DoD.

With developing and ongoing relationships with some of the world’s leading renewable energy companies such as Eco-Gen, Brightsource Energy, Suniva and Vestas Wind Systems, ANet strives to stay abreast and ahead of the newest renewable energy technologies and to implement them cost effectively in both Europe, Africa and Asia.

One of our opportunities is to utilize best market financing such as the US Export-Import Bank to make large renewable energy systems more cost effective and efficient around the world.
With capital funding costs outside the US in the range of 10-20%, The Green Energy Fund can bring US Government funding to projects that is half that amount and then add to the success of the implementation of these projects by professional project management services and products.


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