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1 Hectare 50 MW Specifications are :

A 50.04 MW plant (10,219 m2) fits into 110,000 Sq. Ft.  building.
The drawing is in (10,219 m2) which converts to 110,000 sq. ft. 

​The internal ceiling has a low clearance 6.8 meters or 22’ 

By pre-wiring in the factory we can have much greater quality control. 

​Concrete thickness and reinforcement is based on soil compression data (site specific).  


Containers are designed to stack, rather than put them directly on top of each other.

The containers are double stacked rows with 11 per row.

With 2 foot spacers and  standard locking connectors.

Each container holds 7 units inside with illustrations attached.

7 JouleBoxes in customized container with the switchgear to connect them all together.

The internal ceiling has a low clearance of 6.8 meters or  22’. 

The containers have access through the side for easy maintenance.

There is a catwalk between the row of containers for easy access.

On each side a 6.1 meter or 20’ aisle on the other to get a forklift if needed. 

The catwalk is a 4’ wide metal grate catwalk with stairs. 

All side doors on the containers face the catwalk for maintenance.


A belly crane is used to take the containers from the truck and install inside the building.  

​Allowing for quick removal from the trucks and placement in the building which greatly reduces installation time. With existing warehouses, at least one door must be at ground level to facilitate the belly crane.

The “office/shop building” that is attached does not need the same height and floor specs as the “main plant building”.

The reason for the breakdown in the flooring of for earthquake mitigation planning as the 2 door building is actually separate from the 3 door building to minimize the risk of all of our eggs in one basket.