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David A.L. Smith - Chairman of the Board / Principal

(American Fluent in English and German) Based in Colorado and in charge of business development

For decades, David has led by example whatever organization or company he worked for. In 1984-85 he was named the Outstanding Civilian Employee for the US Air Force MWR Division. From 1988-1998 he led Geac Computers, Canada's biggest computer company, in sales and new name accounts. During this time he was responsible for signing more than 100 new name accounts for Geac Computers worldwide. Some of these accounts include Oxford University, the nationwide Air Force Library System,  networks of public libraries in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and elsewhere. In addition he was part of the Geac Team that upgraded NYU, automated the US Army libraries at Fort Bragg worked with many other world renown institutions, In 1998 David partnered with Bruce Park to form Anet Consulting/Anet Energy ( ) which won the Y2K contracts for more than 30 international airports. In 2002 Anet Energy began consulting in the energy and technology sector and soon, Anet/the Green Energy Fund  which was tapped by the Verizon Wireless national call center to complete a total business re-engineering within seven months.  ANet staff consulted on human performance, employee productivity improvement, and business re-engineering, improved employee retention, reduced training time, increased competency, and redefined performance metrics.  ANet also redefined and rewrote operating procedures for call center employee functions and user training documentation which saved Verizon $3,700,000 in first year and $3,000,000 for each of following two years. Following these successes, David won more than $900,000,000 in loan guarantees to install carbon free power plants in Hong Kong, South Korea, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Now David and his Green Energy Fund Partners are ready to become leaders in base load carbon free electricity generation and become the World's Green Energy Utility.

Mark B. Henderson - President / Principal
(American fluent in English and Spanish)  Based in the Philippines and in charge of business development


The Principal who created the vision for Magnetolution, a revolution in in a global pioneering and distribution of clean energy to be generated by magnets. He became passionate about green energy as he developed an ocean front land development in Panama called Ocean Oasis   land bank put on hold for the economy to improve.  
With background expertise in Real Estate development and Sales/Mortgage Banking / Asset Management / Deal Structuring / Business Development / Debt Capital Markets; The Ocean Oasis Land Bank represents a diversified portfolio of land developers in the promotion and pre-construction sales of Condo and Land/Home packages in Panama and Specializing in large International developments with a variety of other commercial loan programs including Infrastructure and road development, Resort Hotels and Casinos, Marinas, Mixed Use Properties and Renewable Energy Experience with a full spectrum of services, including but not limited to:  Pro formas, Executive Summaries, Demographics, Preliminary Soils Studies,  Due Diligence, water and sewer systems, preparing full scaled business plans. 

Mr Henderson has operated an international collection company called Henderson, Goldberg and Clarke Inc that represented the investment banking trades and packages, non-performing first and second mortgages on the secondary market. Mr. Henderson moved the call center  overseas for his portfolio purchasing company back in 2000. 

Bruce Park - Senior Vice President / Principal

(American-fluent in English and Korean) Based in Florida and in charge of IT and Project Management

Created a Y2K manual and workbook specifically addressing the complex issues facing airports and other governmental entities with their myriad of systems.  The manual was adopted by the FAA and ANet ( ) conducted training for FAA inspectors which was used to evaluate Y2K compliance for all US airports.  ANet established, managed and operated the Y2K offices for numerous entities, including Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Port of Seattle, Detroit-Wayne County International Airport, San Jose International Airport, El Paso International Airport, Birmingham Airport, Wayne County Michigan, Northwest Airlines Detroit facilities, and the Ports of Puerto Rico (all airports and sea ports).  Additionally ANet conducted many training courses for the hub and feeder airports for Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines.
From 1988 to 1994, Mr. Park was the Senior Vice President of Geac Computers with P&L responsibility for operations and profit and loss accountability for at least $30 million in revenues every year at 40%+ gross margins.  The library division had offices in six countries with over 250 staff.  Mr. Park was the defacto Product Manager, directed 6 international development teams, marketing, RFP preparation, vendor and client negotiations, contract management, client consulting, customer installations and implementations, and 24/7 call center for technical and customer support.  Litigation Technical Expert Consultant (1992-1994).  Collaborated on litigation between Geac Computers and major computer hardware manufacturer.  Worked closely with principal attorneys in crafting case, helped prepare for and participated in 30 depositions.  Arranged for additional technical expert consultants and reviewed all documents including pleadings, discovery, motions, and document requests for technical accuracy and completeness.  Geac received a favorable settlement for $3 million.From 1988 to 1997,

Said Kamal, Intelligence & Operations/ Principal
(Moroccan-fluent English, French, Arabic) 
Based in Morocco and in charge of International qualified Policy, International Affairs and FDI Intelligence & Security

His work at Government level, in negotiations, and Operations together with his highly educated level provided him with great experience and excellent knowledge in various areas, and made him a professional and focal point for the transnational corporations seeking market expansion in Africa and the Middle East (AME) and around the world.  Mr. Kamal has held senior roles in government, private institutions and served in many positions as Senior Business Analyst, corporate intelligence, strategy and investment architect translating business intelligence and strategy into action and providing senior strategic advice to the CEO and the Board of Directors and developing Business Intelligence policies, platforms and project conception, incubation and Integration Services on Key drivers of growth in Europe, and AME with a total advisory missions and mega-infrastructure development portfolio exceeding US$500 million.
For more than two decades, he has been serving on the Board of several corporations and organizations. These leadership positions equipped him to join an exhilarating hub of world leaders and NGOs at the intersection of FDI Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Cultural dialogue, Economic Diplomacy, Global Development, Project Finance, and project Delivery; and allowed him to built Business, cultural and development projects, and lead many Public Diplomacy operations worldwide. His experience, vast executive continuing education, strong linguistic skills, and knowledge of the Muslim and Western worlds have helped him acquire an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the North and the South relations.  Specialties:  Mastery of International relations, economic and public diplomacy, regulations, policies, procedures and practices.Excellent planning, organizational, and strong research and analytical skills and demonstrated ability to draft concise and clearly FDI Intelligence and Security strategic notes;Corporate & Investment threat and security risk management including tracking cross border Greenfield investment worldwide,Mapping investment strategies and building Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships, PPPs, PPAs, and Megaproject Governance.

Gerardo Browne - Director General Latin America

(American fluent in English and Spanish) Based in California

Mr. Browne has resided   in Latin America trading  in the commodities market in poultry, sugar, cement, seafood,  oil byproducts, among others with a private portfolio of end buyers and sellers. He has extensive knowledge of local markets and client base for emerging economically developing countries. He has developed strong relationships with influential contacts in various governmental circles in top ranking countries throughout South America.

Gary D. Henderson - Controller/Principal
(American fluent in English and French)  Based in Utah and in charge of Accounting and Human Resources

Gary graduated from Brigham Young University and has over 35 years of experience in management.  He was the President of Continental Tax Corporation, Inc. before he sold it to a leading national Personal Property Tax Consulting firm in the U.S.  He has extensive experience in sales and marketing and meeting with upper management in many of the Fortune 500 companies.  He was successful in negotiating national Personal Property Tax consulting contracts for his company with companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, Rubbermaid, General Electric, Texas Instruments, Coors, Cytec, MoPar and many others, which resulted in his company being recognized as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Kansas City, MO.  He holds a CPPA designation from the NPMA, National Property Management Association. Mr. Henderson has lived and worked overseas and in Belgium, France, China, D.R. Congo, and South Africa.  He is fluent in French.

Duncan Gawi - Country Manager for Papa New Guinea Asia

Based in Papa New Guinea and speaks English, Pidgin and a bit of Bahasa

Duncan is our Information Technology Specialist/IT VAS Engineer who graduated in Information Technology after Graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Information technology. Working for years with  as the biggest telecommunication company in the South Pacific as a Value Added Services Engineer in the technical & information technology department for over 3 years. Technology minded  entrepreneur always looking to understand new technology’s functions and capabilities quicker.  Where business needs to deliver right technical solutions for both corporate and government solutions. As a project manager he has been tasked to develop many products to increase revenues which includes: 
*675# which allows subscribers to purchase an affordable price with new products that will soon be advertised.
Implementation of the Famous #1TOK combo into the system which all Digicel Subscribers now enjoys at a very affordable price in PNG, as well as the back end maintenance of the product to ensure 100% productivity.
Help in volunteering with the Foundation team to support communities and working together.

Engineer Adekunle Luke Aderinto - Country Manager for Nigeria and West Africa
(Nigerian fluent in English, Yoruba, Twi, ) Based in Nigeria and Ghana

Engr Adekunle born in Nigeria, graduated from Federal Polytechnic of Ado-Ekiti State with an OND. Also studied as a Mineral Resource Engineer and finished his BSc at the University of Mines and Technology in Ghana as a Mining and Geology Engineer.  He worked at the Takrwa Gold Mine for 4 years.  He has resided most in West Africa countries, Malaysia and Philippines. He has extensive knowledge in Mining, Technology, Mineralogy. For the last 9 years he has focused as a software developer and software engineering where he has worked on projects such as Team Viewer and developed code on the exclusive IOS group coding programmers team. Specializing in engineering research and system development, from the back-office software to the actual installation of our products, Adekunle will work on the front lines of research and development and all of our product roll-out in Africa.

Ing. Eduardo Urbina Paniagua MBA, Engineer - Public Relations Director for Latina America

(Costa Rican- Fluent in Spanish and English) Based in Costa Rica

​Eduardo in his university years, obtained his license in real estate and founded his first real estate brokerage company before the MEIC in 1988. As a professional in industrial engineering, he dedicated twelve years as the General Director of sales for Costa Rica and Central America of a German luxury car company (BMW).  As an Industrial Engineer, he accomplished a Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration and Specialization in Project Evaluation at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.  As a partner and owner of the country's first mobile advertising company, for several years he is engaged in the advertising business (Movi Vision).

One of the most important private banks in Cost Rica (INTERFIN), acquired in chapter 11 an industrial company of agricultural threads and recruited Eduardo to be the International Sales Director for Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico (COMPEX). The company resumed its commercial and financial stability 2 years later. He was also Commercial Director of a company of security technologies, working access control, VPN, digital recorders, infrared cameras (SENSORMATIC). During the last years as Director of Marketing and Logistics of the construction company Construtora Proyecta S.A.  he participated in the development of real estate projects, of multiple projects of houses, condominiums, urbanizations, apartment buildings etc.  He also founded a company that commercializes raw materials (aluminum, iron, copper), hydrocarbons (D2, D6, JP54, MAZUT) non-organic tropical fruits, oils, grains, flour, dehydrated fruits, organic and conventional coffee, Golden pineapple and organic bananas (Tangerine Corp Inc. S.A.)

Atty Jesus Manuel Salazar Flores - Director Mexico 

(Mexican Fluent in Spanish) Based in Mexico City

With 30 years of experience in international trade and business, importing and exporting multiple products, being an example of leadership and perseverance. Gaining his business experience as owner and founder of "Trans World Cargo", Director of "Arwest International Carrier", Manager of "Mas Capital Financial", Manager of "Freeman Financial Corp." 10 years of experience advising various companies and industries: agriculture, fisheries, food, and manufacturing. Public and private capital negotiations in the Free Trade Agreements (TLC) of Mexico with Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama.

Secured a degree in Business Administration and Lawyer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, "with Honors" by the Graduate Management College (Mexico), "Business Administration" at the Pan-American Business Development Institute (IPADE, Mexico). Insurance Technician at the University of the Americas (Mexico).
Personal Motto: "Working as a team divides the work and multiplies the results"
Professional Motto "The planet can live without us. But we cannot live without our planet."

Dennis Steers CIPE, CPD, CSI, AFO - Director General Technology Research and Development

(American fluent in English)  Based in Panama

Dennis has over 38 years of experience in technology and land development and construction projects for residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional clients, developers, local municipalities, federal government, colleges, private and public educational sectors. He has been involved in all phases of fabrication and construction including; conceptual business plans; financial planning; master planning; cost estimating; value engineering; design and engineering, product design/research/modeling; project logistical operations; and project administration. His typical lead roles of construction and project implementation include technical director; project engineer; owner’s consultant/representative; project administrator; construction supervisor; project manager and construction manager.  

As an engineer with a unique concentration on new innovative technologies, he knows the steps for technologies to move through the approval agencies to obtain permits and manufacturing.  He only works with with the top professionals to prepare reports and studies that are required before plans are approved for the public. He has been responsible for investigation, research analysis, value engineering, and programming; and has overseen design and engineering of systems for projects from client development, though fabrication and turn key closeout.